INTRODUCTION: Varna of Kayastha

What is the Varna of Kayasthas?

The same question was asked by the Brahmin Peshwa darbar to the Pandits of Benaras, almost 250 years ago, and as per the reply of council of Pandits of Benaras, the Chitraguptavanshi Kayasthas are Brahmins (Kayastha Brahmin / Brahma-Kayastha) and the CKP(Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus) are Kshatriyas.

**The complete letter as well as the English translation of the reply can be found at the following link:

Relevant section of the lengthy and detailed reply says... 

"Kayasthas are said to be of three sorts (kinds)— (1) the Chitragupta Kayasthas (2) Dhalbhaga Gatri Kshatriya Kayasthas and (3) Kayasthas of the mixed blood. The origin of Chitraguptavanshi Kayasthas is given in the Puranas. He was born from the body of Brahma while he was contemplating how he should know the good and evil acts of living beings. He was a brilliant person with pen and ink in his hands. He was known as Chitragupta and was placed near the God of death. He was appointed to record the good and evil acts of men. He was a Brahmin possessed of supra sensible knowledge. He was a god sharing the offerings at sacrifices. All the Brahmins offer him oblations of rice before taking their meals. He is called Kayastha because of his origin from the body of Brahma. Many descendants of his bearing different Gotras still exist on this earth. From this it will be seen that Kayastha Brahmins of Karhada and Khandesha are the Brahma-Kayasthas. Now about the origin of Chandraseniya Kshatriya Kayastha....."