4. Conclusion

So here ends the details about the Chitraguptvanshi Kayasthas. Also due to the reason explained in the letter of Pandits of Benaras, several religious sources list the Kayastha Brahmins as one of the subcastes of Brahmins:

#1. BRAHMINS by vedah.net is an arcticle on who the brahmins are and the various sub-groups of Brahmins. The Kayastha Brahmins are mentioned at sl.no. 15 (due to alphabetic order).

#2. The Brahmins : A List of Brahmin Communities is an extensive list prepared by Kamat.com of all Brahmin communities in India. Kayastha Brahmins are mentioned in the alphabetic order.

#3. The Sanskrit dictionary at Hindunet.org defines ‘Kayastha’ as follows:ka_yastha, ka_yata —a man belonging to the writer-caste; a tribe of bra_hman.as whose employment is writing (Ka.)(Ka.lex.)

#4. Vyoma Samhita quoted in Shabda−Kalpadrum says: The Kayasthas have sprung from the kaya or body of Lord Brahma. They are similar in rank to Brahmans.

As explained in the reply of the Pandits of Beneras there are two more kinds of Kayasthas. The legal 'varna' status of all the Kayastha as decided by courts is Kshatriya. So in case you are a Kayastha but not a Chitraguptavanshi Kayastha, your varna status in that case is Kshatriya. I hope that the answer you sought has been clearly provided by me and the Pandits of Benaras. Now it is your duty to provide answers to those who seek it and to those who need to know it. Knowledge is power.